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A brief collection of comments on Randy's work.


It  (the painting) did indeed arrive yesterday and I just finished unwrapping it.  Wow!  It's amazing...and huge!  I didn't expect it to be that size.  Thank you so much for the research and effort you put into memorializing this remarkable event in 558th history.


I'll coordinate with you on framing after the holidays.  You are definitely going to be impressed!  Thank you and the River Rats for your support in honoring Capt Ben Danielson.

Merry Christmas to you both.

Lt. Col. Jack "Woody" Stallworth, USAF
Commander, 558th Flying Training Squadron
JBSA - Randolph, TX

Hi Randy!
I’d be honored to send you an image of my grandfather and crew standing in front of “Nasty Nancy”.  I can’t thank you enough for the pdf file you sent.  Priceless!
Last night, I told my dad about finding your site.  I’d fully expect an email from him soon.  Also, I have little doubt he’d love to buy some of your work! 
Please know that your art is invaluable.  It is more than brushstrokes on canvas—you’ve assembled a patchwork of the lives of some incredible young men...men who were too modest or heroic to articulate their experiences in that dreadful conflict.  Many, like my grandfather, are lost to the ages.  Their families know little about their role in that world-wide struggle.  Your work has opened so many doors to so many families, giving us clues to the boys they were and the men they became.
And we are richer for it.
All best, 

Reynolds Wolf
Broadcast Meteorologist at The Weather Channel

Randy, what I have always admired about your work--and what I believe sets you apart from the others working with similar themes - is your masterful sense of composition and color. You are clearly a very accomplished illustrator but to my eyes, your work transcends illustration and the aviation art genre - you simply produce fine art that incidentally illustrates aviation.

David Lenk
Museum & Exhibit Planning and Design
Washington D.C.


Received the Print Friday the 6th afternoon. Thank you so much for the expedient shipping. The artwork is fantastic!!. Mark (the retiree) will be in awe when he receives this matted and framed. I will try to get a photo off to you so that you can see how much your work is appreciated and enjoyed.
Thanks again,

Hank Kobrinski 

Dear Randy,
I would like to purchase two of your prints counter-signed by my Uncle Jimmy (who recently passed).  I really appreciated your wonderful write-up.  Please let me know what I need to do.  

Bruce Watkins
Vice President
MAC Consulting Services, Inc.

Dear Randy,
I got a response today from the other site and they are still in business. They say they have shipped the prints. Hopefully you profit from all sales of the limited editions. You are an outstanding artist and your originals are very reasonably priced.  I flew on the Collings Foundation B-17 copy of the  “Nine-O-Nine” this weekend and am glad to have the LE prints as a commemorative.
Best Regards,  
Don Dickson

Hey Randy;
I have a print of a painting you made several years ago "Sherbenou's Bailout," which depicts my father hanging from the lower hatch of a falling B-17.  I am considering building a website to publish a condensation of Lt. Sherbenou's war memoirs. Before he died, back in 2007, he begged me to publish his story. 
My father's print of your painting still hangs on my office wall. He treasured it as I do.
Thanks for the quality work.
Edgar V. Sherbenou

Hello Randy,
I believe we have met several years ago in the 80's.  My grandfather is Tom Kelley, the nose gunner of the B-24 SKNAPPY which you painted. I have been compiling some research of his military career and his crew from WWII and wanted to get all avenues of data.  Back in 2003, my grandfather past away, after that point in life.  I took it upon myself to gather his story to compile for a historical document.  I was wondering if you had any data on the story of SKNAPPY and her crew?  If so could you email me any of that information.  I also wanted to say thank you for the great work that you have done on the painting back in the 80's.  It is a piece of family history that we can pass down to future generations.
Best regards,

Jason Kelley

I just heard that your beautiful artwork, which appeared on the front cover of our Summer 2008 issue of Over the Front, won our 2008 Hooper award for Best Artwork. 

Steve Ruffin
Managing Editor, Over the Front Magazine

Hello Randy
Will the painting "Kaufman's B-24J" ever be offered as a print?  My Dad's plane (44-40163 5Z-P) was shot down on the same pass that took down Kaufman.  We own a print of "Into a Hornet's Nest" and it is a family treasure.
Rick Centore

Thank you so much for your help purchasing the print.  I look forward to hearing my dad’s reaction to his B-Day gift.  I love your work and I am sure we will be back! 
Thanks Again,


Hello Randy,
Thank you for the information re: "Into a Hornet's Nest" and "Bridge Busters".  Did I say that the limited edition print Into a Hornet's nest was an Artists proof which I think will command a better price on the market than quoted by yourself.  Reference Bridge Busters - when I was 11 yrs old living in Essex the 391st bomb group were based at Matching which was almost in our back garden.  I have alot of memories of the B26 marauder medium bomber and to me it was the best.
Thanks for your help and wonderful work, Randy
Best wishes


Howdy Randy,
I found this print in a store today and purchased it. I love WW2 bombers and have autographs of Paul Tibbets and Robert Morgan and others.  I researched Randy Green and now Love your work too!  I can't find this print on your web site.  Can you give more info on it?  It is signed and dated 1985.  The Bridge Busters........B-26
Thanks Much !!
Bill Derugen

We have a couple of very nice WWII paintings you created for the General Grant building here at Scott AFB, IL (images attached) in 1989. I'm a new historian here, and I've been asked to find out more information on the paintings you created if possible.  We would like to put plates on the wall next to each one talking about their significance. If we could please obtain titles and any background information on the subject matter in them, we'd appreciate it.

WARREN NEARY, Lead Historian
Air Force Network Integration Center
203 West Losey Street
Scott AFB, IL 62225

Dear Mr. Green,

I was surprised and pleased to discover your painting, "Achtung Zweimots", online, which depicts B26 Marauders in action and the loss of the "Mississippi Mudcat." My grandfather, Don T. Whitsitt was Captain of the Mudcat prior to Lt. Staub. In fact, he flew all his 75 missions in the Mudcat, first as co-pilot, later as pilot in command. He flew two missions on D-Day. He was awarded a Purple Heart and Silver Star for gallantry for one mission where, despite being badly wounded by enemy flak, he piloted the Mudcat back to England on one engine.

My Papaw was very, very proud of his service and he loved the Mudcat with all his heart. His last mission before returning home was only a few days, or at the most a few weeks, before the Mudcat went down and Lt. Staub was killed. My grandfather lived a very rich, full life and had three kids and many grandkids. He was an absolutely great guy in every way. He was a polite, honest, gentle man with a heart of gold. He loved people, was up for anything, loved sports and games, and was the best grandfather a boy could have. I often think of Lt. Staub and my grandfather and the difference those handful of days in 1944 made.
Best regards,

John Crabtree.

Hello Randy,
I was looking at your website this afternoon and came across this photo of "Nasty Nancy's Flight Crews", in relating to your print showing a "Crusaders" B-25 over Saigon. My father was a B-25 Pilot with the 42nd Bomb Group, 13th Air Force in and around New Guinea during WWII, and one particular man in this photo bears a resemblance to my father. Specifically, the man standing on the far right, just under the name "Nasty Nancy". The photo references "courtesy of Tom Gipe". The photo is a little blurry when I tried to take a closer look. Is there any way that you can scan a clearer photo for me, or perhaps confirm the names of the crew here (if perhaps listed on the back of the photo - or perhaps Tom Gipe would know?). My father's name was "Eugene (or Gene) Biernat", and he passed away back in 2000. He shared many stories of his service with the "Crusaders", and I had not seen this photo before.
I really enjoyed looking at your art on the website, and will purchase a print in the future.
Thank you for your consideration.
Gerry Biernat

You're quite talented, Randy.  My husband & I have enjoyed your gallery.  He is also a pilot & pilot instructor...has been flying since age 14 & cannot pass up an air museum.  Do you have any of your artwork in the Naval Air Museum - Pensacola?  Great work!  Thank you for sharing it.
Deborah Boak

My father purchased a signed copy of the Bridge Busters through the 397th Bomb Group back in the 80's. He was a B-26 pilot. He is now in the final weeks of pancreatic cancer and has asked me to reproduce your painting for the inside of his coffin. I have explained that I will need to get written permission from you to scan his copy so that I can sublimate it onto a piece of fabric. After I do that it would be placed into the lid of the coffin...Would you grant me permission to have a copy scanned and then reproduce on fabric? If our prayers are answered he will make it to March 4 for his 63rd wedding anniversary.  

Zona Hudkins
Topeka, KS

Hi  Randy.
I am still REALLY enjoying the Lazy Daisy print that I have. It brings back to life a very important part of my Dad's life that will never be forgotten.  Many Thanks....and please paint some more B-25's !
Robert Bohrn
Alamogordo, NM

Hello Randy,
I spoke with you several months ago about a WWII website project my students and I created and with your permission, we used one your pictures of the Lazy Daisy Mae. Not sure if you remember that I mentioned that I believe my dad was a navigator on that plane with Roman Ohnemus. I visited Roman in California and interviewed him for this project and you will see lots of material about him on the site. I also added a link to your website on the About Page of our site and I hope everything meets with your approval. Below is the message I’ve been sending out to let people know about the site. Thanks again for your help with this project and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

"This week, a new Ken Burns documentary mini-series about World War II, called simply THE WAR, is being broadcast on public television stations around the country and locally on HoustonPBS-KUHT, Channel 8. THE WAR looks at WWII through personal accounts from four American towns and the stories tell how the war touched the lives of families all over America .
For the past several months, graduate students in the IT Program have been working with me and members of the Education and Outreach department at HoustonPBS to create an educational website to support the Ken Burns film and help local citizens submit their own stories about World War II.
Our website is called The War Experience: Memories of World War II and it is now officially up and running. If you have some time, please take a look at:
We are very proud of the stories that are already on the website and hopefully, more will be added as local viewers begin to watch the film and visit our website. If you know of anyone who might like to submit their own story about the war, please let them know about our website.
By the way, the initial broadcast THE WAR began on Sunday night on HoustonPBS, Channel 8, but will be repeated many times over the next few months in case you have not yet had a chance to watch it. You can check to see when it will be broadcast by going to: http://www.pbs.org/thewar/broadcast_schedule.htm"
Bernard R. Robin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Instructional Technology
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
University of Houston - College of Education
Houston , TX 

Hello Mr. Green
I'm Dieter Ghekiere from Belgium. I'm very interested in your artwork "Buzzard Boys from Aviano".
 Every thing I find when its about the buzzards I keep it in my collectors or photo album. I have several patches ,photo's that I made by myself and as a great modeler of course "Buzzard 01 " on scale 1/32. when I saw your paintwork I immediately searched for it at an air show but nowhere to be find. I would be very surprised if I could have such a print to complete my collection from the Buzzards. I hope for a positive answer. Sorry for my bad English!!  
With thanks

Dieter Ghekiere

I recently purchased "Hunt for the Rising Sun" print for my Dad and wanted to thank you for a great print. You see, my Dad actually took off that morning on that mission and was one of the two SB2C's to return successfully and land. He tells me that the white circle on the tail under the number was from his squadron # 2. So he could be one of the planes in the print.  My Dad is credited with a hit on a carrier that day, and is quoted in the book "Titans of the Sea". 
Thanks again, he loves the print. Hope to hear from you.

Patrick Looney

Please send me information about a poster which I saw recently in a McDonalds Restaurant entitled " American Military History".  Is a copy available to purchase?  I would appreciate any details.  I am very impressed with your work!
Thank you.
NellieRay Mackie  

Hi Randy,
Your original painting "Last Flight For Nine-0-Nine" arrived in good condition (thanks to your excellent packaging) and looks great! This is my first original painting that's been done on hardboard. Any tips on framing options/techniques?
Eric Cregger

Mr. Green,

Read your latest message and then looked at your website. It be bookmarked! You do absolutely beautiful work.

David F. McNeil
Hickory, NC

Mr. Green

Got my "Nine-0-Nine" print. Awesome, its truly great. Wish I had it in wall size, easily one of my 2-3 favorites among the 200 prints I have by Taylor, Wootton, and others. Just damn fantastic. Taking to framer in the morning.

1) Do you do remarques (small related pencil drawings) in the lower border of your prints for an extra charge ? May I ask cost, would consider buying a 2nd B-17 print.

2) Also cost to do same on your B-25 and Me-109 prints that I also want.

3) If you don't do remarques, will buy the normal editions. 

Best regards,

Mark Yerger

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