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"The Old Breed"

750 Artist-Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints with 75 Artist Proofs

Printed on museum quality archival paper with an overall size of 18" x 30"
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1st Lt. Francis A. Terrill
1920 - 1946
6.083 Victories WWII
F4U-1D No. 31

Maj. George C. Axtell
1920 - 2011
Commander, VMF-323
6 Victories WWII
F4U-1D No. 27

1st Lt. Jeremiah J. OíKeefe
1923 - 
7 Victories WWII
F4U-1D No. 26

1st Lt. Robert Wade
1923 - 1991
7 Victories WWII
1 Victory Korea
F4U-1D No. 51

Aces of VMF-323 "The Death Rattlers" over Okinawa April, 1945

Though virtually unknown, the most successful Marine fighting squadron of 1945 was VMF-323, the "Death Rattlers".   First commissioned at Cherry Point, North Carolina in August of 1943 under the command of 23-year old Major George Axtell, the squadron would achieve fame over the kamikaze-laden skies of Okinawa in 1945.  In just two months time the squadron would become the highest-scoring unit of any service.  They would shoot-down over 124 Japanese planes and spawn 12 aces, more than any other Marine squadron on a single tour.  They would also down over 24 Japanese aircraft twice during their tour, the most for a Marine squadron in any single action.

VMF-323ís training, hard-work, and dedication led to their combat successes over Okinawa and inspired future generations of Marines. Their code and valor forged their legacy forever as "The Old Breed."



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