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Wholesale Gallery & Vendor Accounts

We thank you for your interest in opening a Wholesale Gallery Account with The Art of Randy Green.  We have kept the process of doing so as simple as possible.  To be eligible for a Wholesale Gallery Account, a vendor must have one of the following: a "brick and mortar" storefront, an online retail store (an eBay Store does not qualify), or a retail mail-order catalog business.  In addition to our one-page vendor application, you'll need to submit copies of your current resale certificate or  business license.  Submit these items along with a brief business profile statement telling us more about your company.

We do offer drop-shipping to our vendors and charge a flat rate for  shipping within the Continental United States.  Overseas and outside of the Continental United States please contact us for a quote.  All shipping / handling are the vendor's responsibility and all orders must be accompanied by payment.  At this time we are offering discounts on our Limited Edition Print sets, both signed and co-signed as well as our Original Art (when available or by special commission from the Wholesaler).  Wholesale Accounts do not apply to Puzzles.  Once a vendor is approved, we will send out our special pricing list and the vendor's company will be placed on the Vendor eMailing List.   If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or by phone at (540) 336-3604.  Thank you for your interest, and we'll look forward to doing business with you!

All Artwork Images Copyright © 1997 - 2015 Randy Green - All World-Wide Rights Reserved. No expressed or implied permission exists or is granted for any usage of any image or copy on this website beyond the sole purpose of this website.  To contact us, email CUSTOMERSERVICE@RANDYGREENART.COM or call 540.336.3604